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Darren and Andrea’s Engagement – Dunstable

Darren and Andrea’s Engagement in Dunstable


My relationship with Darren and Andrea had begun around fifteen months previously when I had agreed to be their wedding photographer. In capturing their engagement photo shoot I met this special couple for the second time. For the shooting of Andrea and Darren’s engagement photo shoot I met the future bride and groom at the Priory Church of St Peter in Dunstable. This was an ideal location, it features a lovely picturesque garden and the day was bright and sunny. It was a perfect location and day for a photoshoot.

Andrea and Darren were aware that in three weeks we would be back at this same location in Dunstable to capture the photography of their special day, so it was great to take some portrait photographs of the couple prior to the big day. The engagement photo shoot was essential to work out what poses and settings were best suited for the big day in order for myself; as a wedding photographer, to take the most beautiful wedding photographs possible.

As is normal in any portrait photoshoot, Andrea and Darren were a little tense and stressed in front of the camera. They were stiff and not relaxed. However, after I had taken a few shots, and with some suggestions from myself, the couple were able to relax and begin to have fun in front of the camera. As I do with any couple and any and every photoshoot, I will always try and relax the couple and ensure they have fun. This way I can take the best photos possible. Indeed this worked for the engagement photo shoot of Darren and Andrea, who soon began to relax, trust me, and just enjoy the day and have fun.

An engagement, or pre-wedding photo shoot, is not essentially necessary, however it is an absolutely great and valuable opportunity for the soon to be wedded couple to get used to being in front of the camera, to get used to me and learn to trust me, and to generally see what poses work well. This way the happy couple can also learn more about my style and we can learn to work together to take the best wedding photo’s possible. This way the couple and I can get to know each other and the bride and groom can learn to trust me. This way I can ensure the wedding day is happy, relaxed and most importantly, that I can capture absolutely beautiful photo’s as a wedding photographer that the happy couple can treasure for the rest of their lives.