I am wedding photographer!


For any reader stumbling across my first photography blog post, welcome and I do hope you enjoy and are inspired by what I have written. I don’t profess to be the best writer in the world, but I have a huge passion for photography, and there is no better feeling than telling a story with my camera. The saying goes that an image can tell a thousand words, and for me this has always been the case.

Whether a friend or a stranger, it’s always interesting and a pleasure to share my work; especially that of my wedding photography which displays such happy, tender moments. I’m always looking to develop my art and skill; and as such always welcome

comments and critique in order to improve and develop. This is one of the biggest motivations that drove me to start my own personal wedding photography blog. I’ll tell you a little about myself first, just so you can get to know me a bit and understand how and why I decided to venture into professional wedding photography.

As a teenager I was always looking to capture those exciting and important moments in life, but obviously for this I would need a good camera. After what seemed like a life time waiting, I bought my first digital camera at the age of eighteen. Immediately I was enthralled and simply couldn’t stop capturing any and every action, surrounding and scene that played out around my modest world. There was this undeniable urge to memorise everything and I quickly fell in love with the art that is photography. Photography became my life, my biggest and most enjoyable hobby. All I wanted to do from this point was learn as much about my skill as possible.

Initially I became interested in and began capturing photographs of nature, such as landscapes and wildlife. I wanted to branch out further and began experimenting with macro photography. It didn’t take much time to realise that it was so important to learn as much as possible about my art. This drove me to study and learn as much as humanly possible about photography in general. I trained myself with the use of many different formats, making use of Google, YouTube, Forums, Photography Communities and Websites. I would look for and utilise information from any available avenue.

However, the more I learnt about photography and my skill; I began to realise the one thing that I so desperately wanted to experience was wedding photography. The dream developed into a need to capture the happy memories of weddings, to capture that special day for a special couple. My dream eventually began to develop into fruition through hard work and practice until I one day became enthralled by the art of wedding photography.

Over the years I continued to learn more about photography in general through so many avenues. This studying soon brought me to the realisation that to make my dream a reality I had to obtain a studio. I originally began with a mini studio for small projects, however I soon began to realise I need something larger if I was going to take on bigger projects. I began to undertake studio projects after some friends of mine realised that I had a studio. As I began to take more and more portrait photographs in my studio I quickly realised that portrait photography was just as appealing as any other type of photography and therefore thoroughly enjoyable.

It swiftly began to run through my head “Wow, I love this; this has to be my career.” There was just something about portrait photography which I loved; those instances where you caught real emotions in real moments were fantastic. I set up and began in a mini studio in order to capture and process small projects. Eventually I began to shoot more portrait photography outdoors and anywhere that I possibly could. Portrait photography was simply so en
joyable that I didn’t want to stop, I merely wanted to keep on capturing the real faces of my models. However, I soon realised that I needed the best quality equipment to take the best quality photographs, which meant I had to upgrade my equipment.

Hard work and optimism eventually paid off when a couple stumbled across my photography and offered me the opportunity to capture and tell the story of their special day. My dream had come true. I knew from then on that I would be able to capture those special and precious moments, real emotions and love that two people share on that one important day. I was determined from that day that this would be my destiny, to capture wedding photography at its most special.

I now am able to live out my dream as a wedding photographer, and am extremely blessed to be able to follow my dream and capture all those special moments. I absolutely love my job and get so much enjoyment from being a wedding photographer. There is simply no better feeling that being able to live through a couple’s special day.

Every couples wedding day is unique and different from all the others in some small way, merely proving that every couple is unique and special. The special bond that they experience results in a special story to be told via my wedding photography. Remember a good photographer will be able to capture your story and tell it to the world.

Thank you for reading my first blog post and I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletters, new blog posts and special offers. I hope and look forward to working with you soon.


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