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Wedding of Andrea and Darren

This special day began blissfully at Andrea’s parent’s home in Luton, where Andrea was busy being pampered and laced into her sparkling white corseted gown by her bridesmaids. Darren on the other hand was separated from his bride, as is tradition on any couples wedding day, preparing for the wedding at the venue of Old Palace Lodge in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

However the relationship I had formed with Andrea and Darren began sixteen months previous when they had hired me as their wedding photographer for their special day. This was the first time I had met the happy and well suited couple, however the relationship continued, including the capturing of their engagement photos three weeks before the wedding in Dunstable.

The touching ceremony was held at St Mary’s Church in Dunstable. This location was really quite stunning. The light, airy and spacy atmosphere with a balcony and spectacular roof really made for some stunning photos and was a dream to shoot as a wedding photographer. The wide aisle enabled me to take photos of the quests arriving, perfect for the newly wedded couple to enjoy after the wedding. I feel it is also important to capture all those special moments that the bride and groom might miss. For variety and a sense of pictureqness, there were then further photos taken at the Priory Church of St Peter in Dunstable. Here I shot some stunning group wedding photos of the happy couple with family and friends along with some great real action shots of the couple chatting to family and friends.

Next stop was the reception venue. I had visited Dunstable’s Old Palace Lodge as a wedding photographer previously, and the location had certainly not changed. It’s dramatic and at the same time romantic nature was just perfect to capture plenty of idealistic photos. It is simply a wedding photographer’s dream. As the couple arrived the dining room was beautifully and artistically prepared for the wedding breakfast. The room was just stunning. The reception process began with the speeches and after that Andrea and Darren decided to take some rest, this time was wisely used for a quick photo session. Here I was able to capture some super tender and beautiful photographs of the newly wedded couple alone.

After this short respite the couple returned to cut the cake, in which I was able to take some really special photos, which was followed by the first dance. There is only one way to summarise this day, it was truly a special and magical day, the couple seemed overjoyed and I was so blessed to be a part of their day as their wedding photographer. It was thoroughly enjoyable and certainly did not feel like work at all.

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